Friday, August 25, 2006

Transition Blues

by Skald

Its been a long time, and so, and update:

My quest for economic self-reliance is going quite well. My freelance teaching program is suddenly taking off. I'm having a great time with my students, I'm teaching in the relaxed environment of my own apartment, and I'm making good money.

But I've hit a very difficult transition period. I'm doing so well that I'm now stressed out and overworked-- because I'm still working my job. I feel caught in a Catch-22. At the moment, I don't have enough students to support myself completly as a freelancer. However, I already have too many to fit in with my school teaching job.

I've lived a relaxed hobopoet life for a long time, so all this work is driving me crazy. I almost decided to cut most of my private students in order to return to a relaxed schedule.

But then I thought about my long term goals. I realized that I'd only increase my dependence on jobs by cutting freelance clients. What I need to do is cut the job. To do that, I need to save a "cache" that can see me through a few months of reduced income. I also need to keep adding private students in order to reach the self-sufficient point.

In other words, I've decided that some short term pain-- in the form of FAR too much work-- is the best strategy. But to keep my sanity, I've made a deadline: I will quit my job by the end of the year. Beginnning in 2007, I will be a full time freelancer.

That means no bosses. That means no office. That means 4 hours a day of teaching-- with only students I enjoy working with.. and who likewise enjoy working with me.

It means, FINALLY taking complete responsibility for my life.

Right now I'm stuck in the transition blues. But I see the promised land-- just over the next hill.

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Plark said...

That's the dream. I really hope that goes well for you mate.

I might get that myself one day too...