Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Pause

by Skald

As many readers have noticed, I've been taking an extended break from Hobopoet. My life is generally going well, and I've got a few interesting projects going on. Mostly these relate to my efforts to learn a language (Spanish) and teach one (English). These activities may (or may not) be interesting-- but I feel they don't really relate to the purpose and spirit of Hobopoet.

Likewise, while I continue to live cheaply in a small one room apartment in San Francisco.. and indulge in the usual Hobopoet experiments and activities.. I have already covered these ideas many many times. No use repeating them yet again.

I do not intend to quit Hobopoet altogether. However, I need some time to determine a new direction. After a while, my posts had become little more than rants, complaints, and emotional venting. That was nice for me psychologically, allowing me to release some stress-- but didn't fit the spirit of Hobopoet either.

And so I'll be taking some time to figure out where to go from here. While I do that, I hope that Matt and other contributors will take up the slack and continue with their excellent (but far too infrequent :) posts!

As our beloved CA governor say, "I'll be back"!

(And if the oh so fascinating world of foreign language learning excites you, come on over and check out Effortless Language Acquisition, a significantly less radical blog!)

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Rebecca said...

"while I continue to live cheaply in a small one room apartment in San Francisco..." San Fransisco? Isn't that kind of contradictory? cheap and SF don't generally go together somehow.