Thursday, May 11, 2006


by Skald

I have failed, thus far, to discuss one popular Hobopoet living strategy: government welfare. In truth, some hobopoets consider this to be a fantastic strategy. Ive got one friend who has all his basic expenses covered by government checks. While right-wing Republicans and various other good citizens might condemn him,... I dont. These folks should be much more concerned about the BILLIONS of dollars doled out for corporate welfare and war.

That said, Ive never considered welfare to be a viable option. Its not that I have a moral objection to milking the government. My objections are more practical... welfare comes with a price: loss of autonomy. To get a welfare check, you must meet with government social workers, attend government classes, send in regular reports... and generally accept a high degree of interference in your life. That sort of goes against the whole point of hobopoet living, in my view.

Also, you can get dependent on that government check.... and dependence is pretty much the opposite of self-reliance.

And so, I dont recommend the option of welfare except as a short term, emergency option. If you are in danger of hunger, or involuntary homelessness, by all means get what you can get.

But as a long term solution, its far better to establish some sort of independent or tolerable income.

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