Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Tiny Step Towards Autonomy

by Skald

This week I finally got hooked up to teach English over the internet. Ive got one student. She lives in Korea.

At the moment, of course, Im still very much dependent on my regular job. But Im hopeful that slowly, over time, I can build the number of online students I have. Eventually, I hope to completely replace my standard job at the school with a private tutoring practice (mostly online, though possibly with face-to-face students too).

This has been a long time coming. And while full autonomy is probably a ways away, it feels great to finally take a tiny step in that direction. By "that direction" I mean a step away from having a boss.

Whatever form it takes, Im convinced that true freedom and autonomy require owning your own "business"... whether it be busking on the street, vending on the sidewalk, tutoring on the internet, or launching a software company. As long as we have a "boss", we are essentially wage slaves.

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