Thursday, May 25, 2006

Homeless In Vegas

by Skald

Just found a very interesting blog called Homeless In Vegas.

The writer is doing a Masters thesis and, as research, has decided to fly to Las Vegas and live as a homeless person. He will chronicle his experiences on his blog.

His homeless stint begins this Saturday, May 27th. Check in and see how he's doing!


Ryan Flanagan said...

Hey thanks for the link! Also, thanks for such a great sight. You have some really great links too.


Ryan Garou said...

Something about this rubs me the wrong way.

.... I have a gut feeling dude isn't going to last very long, either.

Anonymous said...

Since many homeless people also have mental health issues, it is unlikely that the writer will be able to fully experience living as a homeless person. It's one thing to live on the street. It's another to be living on the street in a state of paranoia. I call BS on this stunt.

Jeff 'Riley' White said...


Please let me know the prognosis and give me a call when you arrive to Vegas. We need people like you to get the message across to the city of Las Vegas and council and the federal level. Good luck !!!

(702) 797-0079

Jeff 'Riley' White