Sunday, January 01, 2006


by Skald

Had a fantastic New Years eve last night.... brought in the new year at a salsa club.... shuffling like Mr. Roboto as others spun, twirled, and grooved. But what the fuck... the music was great. And Im hooked. Already thinking of taking salsa lessons. After two years in Asia.. Im ready for some salsa boogie in my life.

Last night was another illustration of SF's amazing diversity... latin music... but the dance floor was a UN assembly of nationalities/cultures. There's major mojo there.... in that blend. Its unique, few places on earth have this many cultures, religions, sexual orientations, etc. peacefully coexisting, cooperating, dancing together, dating, working, and thriving.

For all my viceral criticisms of the good ole USA, this is one aspect of America that I love. This is our power! This is our promise! And this is our future...( if we have one )!

Tear down the fences. Open the borders!

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Plark said...

Hello hobopoet.

May I ask a favour Sir?

I'm having a tidy up of my web page and I want to add a nice picture link to your blog. Similar to what I've got for frumpy professor and universal soldier.

Would you have a picture that you feel sums up what your site is about? Just a small one. Something I may use to link back to you.

I'd be grateful if you do and of course have the time.

p.s. Glad you had a nice new years.