Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Assassination

by Skald

Watched "The Assassination of Richard Nixon" last night... a great film. Frightening in fact. I felt a visceral connection to Sean Penn's character... right up until he started shooting people.

But prior to that... dead on accurate. The degradation of being an employee. The "positive-thinking" boss. The brainwashed or beat-down friends who accept it all as "normal". The frustration and rage. The questioning of one's own sanity.

"Slavery didnt end in America. Its now called employment". Thats a paraphrase from the movie and once again echoes my own experience. Is there a more degrading experience in modern American life than employment? Other than school, I cant think of one.

And whats so sick is that its a form of degraded slavery accepted by nearly everyone. Few people even acknowledge the problem. While everyone bitches about their job, few seem to arrive at the realization that perhaps employment itself is the problem--- "working for" someone else. Taking orders. Being regulated and controlled. Scolded. Managed. "Motivated". Brainwashed. "Please Mr. Boss sir, may I visit my sick mother... Ill take a week without pay?".

In fact, not only is this sick state of degradation accepted,... its actually celebrated. Countless people speak proudly of their "work ethic". I find nothing so pathetic as the loyalty of employees to companies that mistreat them.... exploit them... and eventually discard them. These poor bastards will moan about all their years of service... their belief and loyalty in the company. They feel obvious pride for their servitude. What clueless suckers.

I cant help but feel contempt for anyone.... ANYONE.... who proudly surrenders their dignity to a so called "boss". Sure many of us have to get by. And sure, some "bosses" are decent people. But at the core, the very idea of a "boss" is twisted and flawed. A healthy dose of suspicion and wariness is the only sane attitude to have towards one's employers... however nice they are as people.

The mind is the most critical battleground. Never... NEVER... EVER... accept the notion that another person has the right to claim "authority" over you.

Let us be anarchist-kings (& queens)... absolute rulers of our own lives.... each and every one of us!

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