Monday, March 01, 2004

No Nostalgia for the Stars & Stripes
by Skald

Five months in Thailand and I find that I don't miss America in any way. I have gotten homesick during past excursions abroad- but always it was friends and family that I missed. Since Im here with two good friends, that's much less of an issue. I realize now that it was never America that I missed.... only the people that I care about.

I have no nostalgia for the United States.... in a bigger and more general sense. I don't miss the fanatical Christians. I don't miss the suburbs or the mega-malls. I don't miss Wal-Mart. I don't miss Fox "news". I don't miss the legions of right-wing, SUV driving, paranoid rich people. I don't miss the endemic obesity. I don't miss the mindless conformity. I don't miss the corporate culture of cool. I don't miss shitty jobs, or crappy pay, or overpriced rent. I don't miss the bland sterility. I don't miss gated communities.

Most of all, I don't miss the mindless fear and smugness..... the utter clueless arrogance exemplified by the statement, "Why do they hate us?". I don't miss murder in the name of Jesus...... nor corporate kiss-asses.... nor MTV.... nor the rebel flag.... nor guns..... nor the stars and stripes plastered on every bumper, shirt, hat, and toilet stall.

Let's get right to the heart of the big lie--- America is NOT the best country in the world. Everyone does NOT want to be an American nor live like one. Millions of people in the world have very good reasons for hating the good old USA..... and only willful ignorance and corporate propaganda prevent the mass of good American citizens from admitting these facts.

To the vast majority of people in the world, the corporate behemoth that is the United States is the ENEMY. My view is not quite so harsh, but I understand why people feel that way. It would benefit the country in the long run if more Americans took their head out of their ass and tried to understand these views. Otherwise, the hubris and arrogance of the country is likely to lead to nothing but disaster.

Right now, at this time in history, I am very grateful to be living elsewhere.

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