Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The Night Began
by Matt Salleh

Tonight began with me whining

about another

family function

my dharma

and obligation to attend

yet another event, a wedding reception

until I saw the free red wine

and my eyes lit up with

no more complaints.

And the gorgeous Chinese girl

in her Chinese-ness sexy way

caught my eye

silky smooth, skin tight dress

meant to entice me.

Then the food came,

7 courses at least,

I lost count of the various seafood

dishes and the lovely saree clad Indian women.

Our server, no slouch,

a cuter than cute Malay girl

in her secular Malayness- no hood- no Islam,

just a great smile and endearing mannerisms.

I drank all the free wine I could handle

with the surreal lounge music

Tom Jones and the like

sang by a sexy 6 foot tall Asian girl,

hard to tell,

they all blend together at some point after 4 glasses,

Chinese, Malay, Philippino or something

it doesn't matter

she was beautfiul.

And let us not forget

my own wife

a gorgeous dark skinned lovely creation

laughs when I talk shit

and as my friend puts it

"you're lucky to have her, she puts up with your sorry ass Peavy"

So I made it through the night

some might envy

I've had so many unreal experiences

I can't begin to catalog them.

The marble toilets were nice in the 4 star hotel

and that's something to appreciate

after a world of squatters

isn't it?

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