Wednesday, March 17, 2004

by Matt Salleh

Here's a story for y'all, in the Hobopoet tradition of beating the system!

Last night my friends Mark, Mike and Dave and I decided to go and see Incubus play in concert. They were playing at a golf/country club less than a kilometer from my house. Since we frequently ride mountain bikes and hike on the trails (both Skald and Callan have been on the trails I'm talking about!) we know the route to the horse stadium pretty well.

We premeditated our raid slightly but weren't firm on our methods until it was actually happening. We met at the food stalls at 7 p.m. had a few Beer Chang and some pizza! Then we went to 7-11 and loaded up the backpacks with more beer and struck out on the trails armed with headlamps and a good buzz. Within 30 minutes we were walking into the back entrance of the horse stadium where the concert was to be held (the exhibition ring for showing horses). There were no guards or security at the back since there's nothing but jungle (and trails) behind the stables. We walked right in! And I mean right in- strait up to the stage! No one even checked our backpack.

We flanked their ticket check and therefore when anyone saw us they assumed we'd already been checked at the gate!

How sweet is that?!?!

We were hoping that it would be that way.. since no one in their right mind would walk through the jungle at night ......they didn't even consider the possiblity of a rear approach!

The show itself was mediocre.... Several thousand Asian teenagers filled the show ring with an impromptu plywood floor and swayed to the heavy rhythms. It was all made sweeter by the fact we saved 100 ringgit/ticket AND had all the cheap beer we could drink in our backpacks!

We were giggling like school kids.. and once our students found out... well, they were laughing about their delinquent role model teachers!

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