Monday, December 29, 2003

My View
by Laura

Becoming a part of a politicaly correct society would involve giving up some beliefs and morals I'm not able to part with. This is just part of my aquired point of view.

-- A child watching TV sees a new toy advertised, so his parents, to over compensate for their lack of time with the child (in an effort to obtain more money for stuff they need?), buy this new toy. The toy at first is popular with the other children so he gains attention and popularity. But of course with all things fancy it slowly "dies in its craddle"[shakspeare] is lost ,broken, whatever. So now the child's social world is crumbling around him.... he absolutely NEEDS a new toy.

Then we have the mother. She is not getting the same anttention, reasurance, or compliments from her husband. The TV tells her that if she just had these new shoes, or this diet, or this new hair-do; if she could just look like a barbie doll..... Forget being the compationate, attentive wife he needs-- as long as you can turn him on you'll feel better about yourself [which she can't do because she just missed the whole point].

Then you have the man who is feeling overwhelmed by his respondsibilities to provide for his family. So the TV says just run for bush country or buy this new suped up car and feel the freedom.

SO what you end up with is a whinny little brat that needs a new toy, a wife that every body else wants to f**k (and probably does), a car in the shop, and a larger debt than the family can afford. And they're still miserable.

I don't believe I need laws to teach me the concepts of respect, compasson, or diversity. I have nothing that cannot be easily shared. I don't need a fridge because I know god provides. I am never too busy to help someone or to give a kind word. And vanity is not an option. I am compleatly self supporting but I see this as a blessing and not a right. No one has anything that wasn't given to them -even their life.

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