Saturday, December 27, 2003

A Certain Change In Consciousness
by Shane

Every summer I take my mini van up to Northern California and camp in it while I stay with friends in between.

I can't tell you all my secrets, especially showers-so important! I know a few good ones in campgrounds that are free in very expensive areas. [see the April/May 2003 Archives for lots of van living ideas.... including tips on bathing -Skald]

One thing I can tell you-in a pinch, a plastic grocery bag makes a good poop bag. Just tie it up and dump in the nearest garbage. I used a coffee can with a top to pee in.

I slept in motel parking lots many times. Libraries are usually very friendly with advice on local areas you're staying in. Also a good place to shave and brush teeth in a pinch.

I miss not being able to walk around in my house at night. The whole adventure requires a certain change in consciousness. It really makes you aware of how fixated we become to certain patterns. Also, I think it makes one become more aware of our social peer pressure, so to speak. I mean that you become categorized as homeless even though you may have good savings in the bank. It makes you realize how many gray areas there are in society.

There also is a kind of marvelous freedom in not being tied down. A feeling I love about living in a car. Paradoxically, there is also a new appreciation for living in a house with all the luxuries that come with it.

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