Saturday, December 27, 2003

Delivery Jobs While Van Living
by Skald

Kurt Wettstein's cab driving experiences suggest several other ideal money-making jobs for the van dweller. My own solution was to work as a delivery person for a restaurant. I struggled with the challenge of living with my dog in the van. I didn't want to go off to a job and leave her in the car for a long time.... all alone. The perfect solution was a delivery job.

I delivered sandwiches during the lunch hour. This job allowed me to be with my dog most of the day. Between deliveries I could walk her. She seemed to enjoy riding around town with me and I certainly enjoyed the company.

One of the biggest benefits of a delivery job is that there is no boss looking over your shoulder. You typically rush back to the restaurant to pick up more food and then you are off again.... free and happy in your traveling home.

An unexpected benefit of this job is that it gave me much more exposure downtown, near the restaurant. Cops and business owners got used to seeing my van.... so I could more easily park overnight without being hassled. Many folks just assumed that I lived downtown.

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