Sunday, February 19, 2006

Google Is Evil

by Skald

Apparently Google (parent company of Blogger) does not confine its censorship activities to China. My last post, titled "The Grey Economy", has mysteriously disappeared. Here one minute, gone the next. I got no notice from anyone as to why it was removed. Creepy.

This is the very definition of a "thought crime".... suppress the expression of certain thoughts, and the writing of certain ideas.

Just in case you missed the post... it was about the "grey economy" in SF. Specifically I wrote about my encounter with ganga growers in the city.. and how this "industry" seems to supplement a large number of people's incomes. I also recommended that readers in liberal locations (ie, with medical ganga laws) consider joining this grey economy as a means of living more autonomously.

But these are heresies in America.. and much of the world. So much so that the inquisitors cannot allow the ideas to be published... there can be no debate, no open discussion.

Internet censorship is not just for the Chinese... its alive and well in the good ole USA as well.

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