Sunday, February 19, 2006

Escaping the Blogger Censors- Suggestions?

by Skald

Looks like I need to find a different host for my blog.. as I cant tolerate the suits at Blogger/Google deciding what is "acceptable" and what is not. Google has clearly crossed over to the dark side.. enthusiastically teaming up with the Chinese government to censor web content. Do a search on Google's China site and you will find no mention of the Tiananmen Square massacre... just pictures of smiling happy people. Will Google help the Chinese government track down dissidents who disobey the censorship laws (as Microsoft and Yahoo have)? Im sure they will.

Its all about cash. Corporations and the people who work for them have no principles.. other than profit. For enough profit they would sell their mothers into sexual slavery, no doubt. For the billions they'll make from China, they will become an active agent of censorship and totalitarianism.

They extend this policy to the US, albeit in more subtle ways. Theyve chosen to censor my writings about ganga (even though these activities are, in fact, legal in the state of California... where I live). Google/Blogger has stepped over the line from a search and storage company to a company that decides editorial content. Theyve appointed themselves judges of what thoughts may be expressed and which may not.

Which is unacceptable to me. And so I need another host for this blog. I need a host that will not censor my writing.. or otherwise interfere.

Any suggestions?


Plark said...

Where indeed Skald.

I dunno if you'll ever find such a place.

Although it is easy enough to get round the censors wherever you are in the world.

I found several ways.

Not impossible if you want it enough.

Chris Rasch said...

While Blogger could theoretically be censoring your blog, I strongly favor the hypothesis that your posts disappeared because of technical problems rather than active censorship. It would be quite costly to actively monitor the hundreds of thousands (millions?) of blogs on Blogger for drug references, and automatic removal would remove too many legitimate posts. I'd wager that whatever censorship mechanisms they have are "complaint-driven". Technical problems seem quite likely however.

However, if you still want to switch, I've been quite happy with Livejournal. I've also heard good things about Wordpress.

Skald said...

Yeah, might be technical.. since two posts disappeared and one was a benign link. Ill wait a bit before I change hosts... and publish a few more heretical posts as a test.

That said, Im still disgusted by googles cooperation with the Chinese government censors. Truly sickening. Im sure they're happy to cooperate with Bush and his thugs too. But then again, what corporation isnt?

Anonymous said...

Try Myspace