Saturday, November 05, 2005

No Shore

by Skald

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No shore, no arrival. They spend there lives working, to buy things,
to fill in the space.
No arrival. Isnt Rollins right. Isnt that much of our problem.. we keep imagining that we will "arrive". We will arrive at success. We will arrive at "the answer". We will arrive at love... or greatness.. or happiness... or contentment.

But we won't. There is no arrival point. As soon as you "get there" you are already moving on. Every experienced traveler knows this... there's no stopping point. If the mystics, psychedelic freaks, out-there physicists, and other crazies are right... death is not even an arrival point.

"Going from, towards"
Thats how Thoreau described life. Always and ever moving on. Always and ever traveling. Much of the misery we see around us is caused by resistence to this truth. So many people desperately trying to arrive. So many trying to cling to surety and "security".

In the name of security, they squander their vitality. They close their eyes to their own glorious visions... and they abandon their deepest desires and dreams. They live half-lives.

They imagine that they are secure because they have job-security, a good retirement plan, a paid off mortgage.

Of course they are delusional. They are one accident away from crisis. One layoff. One health crisis. One uncontrollable change.

They will not escape these things. In trying to, they only escape their lives, their dreams,... the mystery and euphoria of chaos, change, growth, challenge, engagement.

Rollins is right, there is no shore.

But there IS a magnificent, glorious, beautiful, terrifying, never-ending dance.........

Join it.

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