Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Hobopoet Again!

by Skald

Well, Im back on the trail again. Ive been fired/quit from Thammasat-- seems I had considerably less autonomy than I first thought (is anyone surprised by this)! While there were a few issues, the kicker was that the "TU authorities" found my teaching blog... and then presumably found their way to Hobopoet via my profile.

Well, I cant say Im too surprised. Nor can I claim to be upset. Ive known for a long time that a conservative bureaucracy was no place for me... and while the illusion of semi-autonomy was nice for a while.... reality was bound to intrude.

And so......

No job.

No money.

No problem!

Its time to put my money (ie. making an income) where my mouth is... finally. Time to take that scary leap into freelancing... build my own means of making income.... without bosses. I claim to know better than the bureaucrats-- well, at long last its time to put that assertion to the test.

Ive also been fond of telling my students "Do something great!!" (telling, instead of doing... in classic teacher form). Well, its now time to see if I can follow that advice.

In the short term there will be lean days ahead..... ramen noodles, PT jobs for food income... perhaps another stint of van living.

But its preferable to wage slavery and compromising my life.

As Ive warned many times.. once you taste freedom and autonomy- there's no going back.


gibb said...

This is ur umformal blog?

i think it is.

Ryan Garou said...

condolences ... or congratulations? whatever the case may be.

you planning on staying in Thailand?

Anonymous said...

Since you enjoyed teaching so much, and are apparently fairly good at it, despite your non-traditional approaches, then perhaps it would be possible for you to set up your own language instruction business (if not an actual school - don't know if there would be licensing issues there)? Perhaps private tutoring or something?

Whatever you decide, good luck.

itrimble said...

AJ.. I am sure you will be just fine.. in fact, even better going out on your own.... you make the rules, you decide the outcome... luck is not going to be needed in your endeavours..


Anonymous said...

AJ. As you know, your fine, rebellious writing is always welcome at - Greg

AJ said...


Thanks for the encouragement!

Greg... I suddenly feel very inspired to rework that Hobopoet in Thailand article! In fact, while I generally enjoyed teaching at TU... I was constantly frustrated by not having the energy/time/inspiration to write.

Well, now Ive got it again! This turn of events should be good for Hobopoet.

For all... I do indeed plan to start my own program. Man, Ive had enough of working for other people. A bit of PT wage slavery is probably in my immediate future to make some food money... but 100% freelancing is now my mission.

Check for updates here, and at the teaching blog that got me fired:

Plark said...

One of the things that bothered me at blogging in China Aj.

But there we go... different minds meet at some point or another.

Hope you're good out there mate.