Tuesday, July 06, 2004

by Matt Salleh

We flew out of Jakarta on Monday morning, our flight delayed by an
Indonesian Standard 45-minutes.. 'rubber time' they call it.

As we sailed over Java I saw at least 3 volcanoes... 1 had smoke
spewing from it's vent and we flew so close to another that we could see inside
the crater and into it's throat.... pretty cool!

I was extremely excited... and amazed.. I wanted to get closer!

Our first day in Bali we bussed to an organic rice padi and listened to
the farmers talk about sustainable agriculture, we also did a quadrat study
in a cocoa plantation... the undergrowth was just enough for the kids to

Then a tour of a Balinese Hundu temple and a trek through a secondary

Today I had to bail out and go to the doctore after a 5-day stint of
stomach upset... it had gotten better, but then got worse... the doctor gave me
meds, vitamins and oral rehydration salts...

I caught an afternoon ride to Tanah Lot temple to meet up with the

Other than that, we've tooled around town in semi-anthropological-style
interviewing locals about the effects of the Bali bombing on tourism
for their humanities report.... and swimming in the pool in between

Tomorrow we head to the beach for a lesson on waves physics and beach

It's been a great time.. Bali is fantastic and once you get off the
typical tourist strip, life here is authentic and unmolested....

I like to cool winds, mountains, rice fields and temples....

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