Friday, April 25, 2003

Storage for Car Living
The first lesson I learned when I began to live in my car was the importance of organization. Its easy for such a small space to become overwhelmingly cluttered. This soon becomes frustrating, as you have to sift through a pile of junk to find anything you want.

I now use several containers and organizers in the van. I have three large rubbermaid containers which I store under my bed. These contain my clothes, books, records (birth certificate, etc...). I have another container for tools, and vehicle-related stuff (brake fluid, battery cables, etc..) and this also goes under the bed. Large ziploc freezer bags can be used to store/separate clothes and other items inside the larger containers.

I store water in a 2.5 gallon gasoline container... which works great. Its much more stable than the typical gallon jugs you get at grocery stores. It is stored under my bed.

I store food in a double cooler (two coolers--- a smaller one nestled inside a bigger one). This is an idea I got from "10 Years of Living in Cars".. it works well, though to be honest, I mostly use it for vitamins and various dry goods... preferring to buy produce, juice, and the like on a day to day basis.

I store my backpack in the front passenger area... in front of the seat. I stuff it full of off-season clothes, as well as camping gear and my cook-stove. There is still enough room for someone to sit in the seat, though their legs are a little cramped.

I have two "car organizers" which hang from the back of the front seats... I bought them at a mega-Mart. These hold a Road Atlas, my battery charger, my headlamp, a pocket knife, pepper spray, my fans, my electric shaver, my cell phone, shampoo/conditioner, and my toiletries (which are stored together in a small travel baggy).

I keep disposable rubber gloves, paper towels, rain-x, power steering fluid, and other knick-nacks in the glove box.

I also have a sun-shade organizer for the driver's side sun shade. It contains my insurance info, a tire pressure guage, and car repair receipts.

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