Sunday, April 20, 2003

About the Links:

Andy's site is chock full of information on NLP, psychology, neurology, mental processes, etc... Very good stuff, check it out. Kenny and Callan each have gypsy journals... a collection of their writings about various travels. Hakim Bey is an "Ontological Anarchist"... and you'll just have to read his stuff to find out what that is. Erowid is the most informative site I know of concerning drugs-- including a great deal of information about their spiritual use(entheogens). The Homeless guy inspired the shift from zine to website.... and is a fascinating hobopoet in his own right. Disc golf is the ultimate sport for the voluntary homeless & other simplicity seekers... most courses are free, you need only one $9 dollar disc to get started... and you get all the fun, challenge, and cameraderie of golf, without the blue-blood snobs! Vipassana is a meditation technique (means "insight") which is taught in 10 day retreats at centers all over the world... its completely free (post-course donations are accepted but not required). Car Living is a site that gives very basic information about living in a vehicle. You can also buy the book, though I can't recommend it as I haven't read it. I can recommend "Ten Years of Living In Cars and Loving It" by Craig S. Roberts. Its an extremely thorough book and is available through

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