Friday, November 16, 2007

Update From The Road

Hello from Guatemala. Its been a while since I updated this blog, so here's a quick summary.

After a few months of independence the reality of my new situation is finally sinking in,.... and Im finally starting to take advantage of it. Currently Im in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala-- studying Spanish. Ive been doing an intensive Spanish course for the last two weeks. Of course, two weeks isnt that long, but I have had a mini-breakthrough... Im no longer so nervous about speaking. I make mistakes in every sentence I speak, but Im really communicating in a foreign language for the first time, and it feels great.

Next week Im heading to a Honduran island for two weeks of diving. Ill be doing an advanced certification course and then diving, diving, diving like crazy. This is my long overdue celebration and "reward" for financial freedom-- two weeks of fun and hedonism!

After that its back to SF for a month or so. And then? Well, Im cooking up a whole series of trips and adventures. Nothing is definite yet, but at the moment Im thinking: Argentina in the Winter for Spanish study and general exploration (including some outdoor adventure), SE Asia (Thailand, S. India, Malaysia..) in the Spring to visit friends and have fun, a motorcycle tour around America in the Summer, and finally Spain in the Fall (for more Spanish and general exploration).

As always, these ideas are likely to change at my slightest whim. But I suppose thats the point-- spontaneity is entering my life again.... and I love it. This is what freedom is all about-- living according to your wishes, hopes, principles, and yes...even your whims.

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