Sunday, December 17, 2006

Update on the Project

by Skald

I haven't checked in in quite a while, mostly because my life has been dominated by a pretty boring daily routine. That is set to change sometime next year.. but more on that later.

First, an update on the micropreneur project. Its going slowly, but well. My English teaching website now has 40 paying members. The site is now producing an income of about $100 a month. That's not enough for me to comfortably live on yet, but its something.

Hopefully, that little amount will gradually grow over the course of a few years.

My first hoped for milestone is for the site to make enough to support me in an inexpensive country like Thailand. I can live quite well there for about $4-500 a month. So my little project really doesn't have a lot farther to go.

Thats one of the great things about living a simpler hobopoet life, since your economic desires are reduced, its much easier to succeed as a freelancer or micropreneur. Our break even points and our sustainability points are much lower than most peoples.

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