Saturday, June 10, 2006

Working From Home

by Skald

Recently Ive begun to teach English over the internet, using Skype. I've talked to students in Japan, Taiwan, Canada, the US, Germany, Sweden, and England. I find it very gratifying to chat with folks from all over the world, and to have a student clientele that is scattered all over the globe.

Even more gratifying is being able to work from home. What decadent luxury! I open the curtains wide, open the window, kick back in a chair, put on my headset... and "work". My headset has a very long cord, so its no problem to move around the (tiny) apartment, get something to drink, lay on the bed, etc. And when Im done teaching, Im done.... no one to answer to.

Nor do I ever have someone looking over my shoulder or monitoring me in any way. What happens is between my student clients and I and thats it. Its a wonderful feeling.

Interestingly, my sister works for a big mega-corporation and yet she too has a work at home arrangement. She's been doing it for years now. The company supplies her with a laptop and high-speed line. She uses that to organize and manage projects, chat with customers, chat with co-workers, etc. They also put in a land line at her house.

So while she still has a "corporate job"... she has an amazing amount of freedom and flexibility. She recently had a baby, and can now work in her home "office" and have the baby right beside her. She can take as many breaks as she wants for needs. She dresses how she wants. Like me, she has no boss looking over her shoulder.. micro managing every minute of her work day.

As corporate jobs go... its not a bad arrangement.

In some ways these situations remind me of Gandhi's praise for cottage industries. Perhaps it is now possible to have a high tech "cottage industry" in your tiny little apartment... or even in your van?

Perhaps its easier to be a "young homeless professional" than every before.


Anonymous said...

Cool dude! Add me to your Skype. I'm "mechanic604".

- Stefan

April Graham said...

Where did you get hooked up with this? I was just pondering this the other day how there needs to be a service like this somewhere and that it could be an interesting money making opportunity.

Plark said...

Teaching over the internet eh...

This interests me a lot Mr Hobopoet.

I'll have to do some digging and get some information.

Thanks for sharing mate.