Monday, April 17, 2006


by Stefan

In Germany, there is an ancient figure of speech: "Angst ist ein schlechter Ratgeber". "Fear is a bad advisor".

There is a great truth to this, hence it appals me to see most of todays world completely run by fear. Fear of terrorist attacks. Fear of evil drugs. Fear of real or imagined enemies. In America, the irrational fear of an unseen outside world most never even bothered to explore.

This fear is exploited, and it brings with it changes to the worse. Fear will never steer you to make the right decisions.

People are so chicken-shit these days, it makes me sick. They are afraid of having to look for another job, or maybe afraid of not finding one, so they put up with bull-shit at work that drives them to sickness and despair at the hands of despotic bosses. They are afraid of smut on the Internet, of the black man in the street, afraid of their shadow on the wall. They say to me "I could never ride a motorcycle, it's so dangerous! I need the safety of my Range Rover. I've got kids now, you know." Fear is the guiding motive in their lives, and it's making everything worse. Yet, in America, they call themselves the home of the "brave". True bravery is something else.

What ever happened to Churchill's old motto of "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself?" Bravely accept the inevitable risks in life. Accept you might be killed in an accident, and ride with abandon, feeling the air blowing into your face, making you feel alive. Accept that life is limited anyhow and might end at any minute and commit yourself to living it to the fullest. Accept risk, forget fear, and move on.

Don't become a quivering bastard living in fear. There are too many of them already, all around you. And their collective pussy-footedness is ruining this world for everybody.


Anonymous said...

Do you always have to be so angry? Don't you have any compassion or understanding towards people?

Anonymous said...

I have nothing but scorn and perhaps mild pity for anyone who decides to live in fear -- of anything.

Be fearless. Boldly go, and LIVE.

Ryan Garou said...

Speaking as an American citizen, I 100% support and embrace smut on the Internet.

... just wanted to get that on record. Carry on.