Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Weird Byproducts

by Skald

Prior to choosing a hobopoet life, I thought "more money" was the key to freedom. Stuck in the mainstream mindset, I thought if I could just make & save enough.. Id be able to "retire early" and finally escape wage slavery.

Time and again I tried to find schemes for making more money. I kept hoping for a "good job". I imagined starting my own business in order to "be free and get rich". But there were problems. For one, every entrepreneur I knew seemed overworked and miserable.. more slaves to work than when they were employees. Second, I had no passion for business.

I finally realized I lacked the greed necessary for getting rich. I turned my attentions to the other side of the equation-- drastically reducing my needs. This proved a much more successful approach.... (and continues to be).

However. Something strange has happened. The simpler I live.. the freer I become.. the better my "career" seems to go. No longer terrified of being fired.. Im now bolder when I teach. I pretty much do what I want, how I want. I work where I want.. quickly abandoning (or getting fired from) places that bore or disrespect me.

As a result, Im actually having fun. I love teaching foreign students.. love being in the class.. love being creative. That love breeds passion.

The end result of this freedom, passion, and boldness is that Im earning more money... despite having no goal to do so. They gave me a raise today. And talked to me about an upcoming "academic director" position they are considering... and want me to take.

I dont think Im alone. Its a phenomenon often observed... the byproduct of a taoist "no effort" mindset. When you struggle. When you "need" more. When you strive, fret, worry... you naturally create resistance. People sense your desperation. Perhaps the universe does too. (This is a common dating phenomenon, for example. The more you "need" a girl/guy, the less they seem attracted to you).

Whatever the reason, the easiest way to get more is often by letting go. As the "Tao of Steve" puts it:

Be desireless. Be excellent.

(And if the bastards screw you)... Be gone.


greentogroove said...

Fantastic - love your mindset. The concept of reducing needs in order to attain success (and with this the realization that success is not a materialistic goal) is not readily accepted in our culture. I applaud your enthusiasm and take heart in your example.

Keep it up. I'll check back in frequently and will definitely link you up.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there is not a lot of response, from "the bastards" and from the students...
Why doesn't any of them support you here?