Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Strange Days

by Skald

Strange days indeed. I am in the very unusual position of doing something I love and getting paid for it. What a novel experience this is. Im having a fantastic time teaching. I go to "work" everyday full of energy and enthusiasm. Im always brainstorming new ideas for teaching. I have superb students. I have the autonomy to do what I want in the classroom.

It doesnt feel like a "job" at all. So it is possible to be passionately engaged in an activity and make an income (though not easy).

Once again, what strikes me as so ironic is how much my "employers" are benefitting from leaving me alone... and giving me a good schedule. By not bugging me or wearing me out, and by not controlling me.. they have inherited a maniac. Im going bananas with innovative ideas. Ive got incredible energy during class. Im having a fantastic time and thus doing so much more for my students. Im not a drone or a clock puncher.

So why the fuck do most organizations do the opposite? Is it that they only care about the quick buck... exploit the workers and drain 'em for everything they have.. then move on to the next one? Is it that they have fragile egos and get off on the petty power trip of being "the boss"? Is it that they are horribly insecure and dread being "found out"... and so they disguise this fear with bully behavior?

Truth be told, I dont care why they do it. Im sick to death of working for and with egomaniacs, insecure assholes, control-freaks, drones, cynics, bureaucrats, and toadies. Living "homeless" was far superior to most of my job experiences.

And so Im particularly euphoric right now... doing something I love... something I would quickly volunteer to do... and getting paid for it.

My take home message from this (and you know I always have to find a take home message): Be mercenary. Never stay at a shit job longer than necessary. Never hesitate to leave a job for a better one. Keep moving around till you have the autonomy, income, and enjoyment you desire.

Freelancing and Free Agency are the only way to go!


Plark said...

I completely agree.

CrowMagnum said...

How do you feel about the westernization aspects of teaching English in a foreign country.

teabag said...

I so absolutely agree with ya! And I'm supporting you in this mate! (:

AJ said...


Yeah, its a nice situation for a change! Regarding westernization by teaching English... I certainly understand the worry about this issue.

However, English is not the problem.. no more than Chinese or Japanese is. The problem is the corporate exploit, drain, and destroy mentality. Its a mentality that does not require English.

If we totally abolished English today (it magically disappeared)- nothing would change. The corporate honchos would simply use interpreters, or find a new lingua franca (Chinese? Japanese? French?).

And we should not forget the very positive aspects of having a lingua france... after all, the international anti-corporate movement (and human rights) depends very much on English as its lingua franca too.