Saturday, July 02, 2005

Working Abroad

by AJ

Occasionally someone will remark, after reading my exhortations for longterm travel, "Easy to say but who can afford that". Well, most people.... if you are willing to work and travel at the same time.

Of course, working abroad is not all fun. Ive had many miserable jobs (see entries from Hiroshima). But working in another country does provide a deeper encounter than does simple tourism. When you work you get into the local rhythms. You live more as the local people live and therefore get a feel for what life is like in that country.

Of course, working also allows you to stay longer and thus learn more. You might pick up a little of the language. You make friends. You interact with coworkers.

Those hoping to live a Hobopoet life abroad, therefore, might consider a stint of work. I dont like work as a general rule.... but if you gotta make money anyway, why not explore a new country and culture while you do it?


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