Friday, January 28, 2005

New Journey Ahead

Staring down the barrel of a gun..... called employment. In a month I will start my first full time job in three years. I can't say I am excited. Is this the right decision? Should I be doing this? Is this "part-time Hobopoet" strategy a wise one?

Or would I be better served by working a lazy part-time job here in Thailand.... teach Saturday and Sunday and have five days off to write, loaf, suck coffee, and make videos? Hmmmm. Its a tough choice really. I decided to go to Japan for strategic reasons-- to save enough money for an extended trip to South America. I'd like to head to Ecuador/Peru/Bolivia with a wad of cash... be able to live without working... study Spanish... take salsa lessons. Im hoping to buy a year or two of blissful unemployment by working full time in Japan.

The job in Japan at least looks tolerable. I'll be teaching 22 hours a week.... a tad much but the good news is that there are no office hours. When Im not teaching I am free. As I am a huge proponent of effortless language teaching (for the students and the teacher) I won't require much preparation time. So... as full time jobs in Japan go... this one looks to be more livable than most. But I've learned the hard way that there's no knowing for sure until you get there.

So off I go on February 25th... off to Hiroshima to teach English, study Japanese, and make friends. Im looking forward to cleaner air and less noise and in general a bit more tranquility than Bangkok offers. But I'll miss this city too. I'll miss Tip and friends and lazy days in Banglumpoo.

But there's no point looking back. The proper mindset for a new journey is one of expectant excitement mixed with fear.... what will it be like? What suprises await me? What new friends will I meet? Standing on the verge of a new journey is perhaps the most exciting stage.. when everything is pregnant with possibilities and uncertainties. At such a time, the only thing to do is have faith and leap. So leap I will.

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