Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Just Another Day

by Skald

Ah, to be free. To spend a week on a tropical island awash in sunsets, dance, ganga, geckos, ocean breezes, and chocoloate....

To awake today in the city, walk among wooden stalls covered in flowers, cross the River, watch the longboats slice through the water--- the suspension bridge standing proud in the background.

To breath deep as slow sand barges plod upriver... towed by sputtering tugs-- flags rip and ripple in the downriver breeze, blowing from the north.

To feel the sun's heat on my head- hot and intense even in the cool season..... I stroll this same route every day.

But today, nowhere to go. Nothing to do. Just watch, and listen.

This is why I left America. This is why I travel.

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