Thursday, October 14, 2004

Send Me Links

by Skald

Iím in the process of testing and updating the links for Hobopoet.... and am therefore seeking website recommendations. If you know of a good site/blog that covers one of the following topics, please put the link in ìcommentsî:

Car/Van Living
Dharma Bums
Modern Hoboes
Young Homeless Professionals
Vagrant Scholars
Wandering Poets
Voluntary Simplicity
Disciplined Hedonism
Alternate Economies (Barter, etc...)
Living, Travelling, Wandering Abroad
Pilgrimage & Sacred Travel
Homelessness (voluntary or involuntary)
Teaching (English) Abroad
Distance Learning Programs (accredited)
Shamanism/Zen/Taoism/Psychedelics (anarchic spirituality)
(Budget-Guerilla) Video Production
Do-It-Yourself Art/Music/Publishing/.....
Indy Media

I am interested in creative and/or content-rich sites..... please no navel gazing diaries with posts such as, ìToday my girlfriend was mean to meî.

Thanks for the help.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

A few links I thought you may be interested in.

Northbank Fred's Website. Great stories on hoboing and riding the rails to get around. Lots of tips and ideas in the stories on how to do things.

Northbank FredCreating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery
WHYWORK.ORG: "Re-Thinking the Work Ethic"
Great site with some interesting and thought provoking essays.

www.whywork.orgRan Prieur's Website and blog.
I enjoyed some of his essays such as dropping out and he also has a land blog where is is chronicalling his adventures in buying some cheap land and learning to live off of it.

Counter-Mainstream Thoughts on Living
Meaningfully in the 21st Century
Some interesting essays and rants.

www.unconventionalideas.comI will post more if I find any. I hope you didn't mind me posting these.