Tuesday, June 29, 2004

by Alan Watts

From a superficial point of view I would suggest that a certain amount of passivity would be an excellent corrective for our kind of culture, because we are always causing trouble by doing good to other people. We wage wars for other peopleís benefit and attempt to help those living in ìunderdevelopedî countries, not realizing that in the process we may destroy their way of life. Economies and cultures that have co-existed in ecological balance for thousands of years have been disrupted all around the world, with often disastrous results.

by Alan Watts

When we say of something ìIt is immaterialî, ìIt doesnít matterî, that means it has no quantitative measure. It doesnít amount to anything; it doesnít add up to anything. It is unquantified. But what we need in life is not so much quantity as quality. Mere quantity is absolutely abstract. Itís the quality, the essential taste, the flavor of life, the meaning of it, that is the important thing.

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