Sunday, February 15, 2004

Missionary Rage
by Skald

Excerpt from Journal:

"Fuck!!! Just walked by two Christian-Fucking-Evangelists in Banglumpoo... screaming, bug-eyed, red-faced, and angry.... pouring sweat..... pounding their bibles.

Can I never escape these freaks? I travel half way around the world.... to a 90% Buddhist country,..... and still I'm harangued by these goddamn redneck bible thumpers. Is this some sort of curse I suffer from? Why do they always pick me out of a crowd? Perhaps they sense that, below my pious exterior.... Im a vile drug using subversive?

I have no idea... but I do know that these people are vermin. Locusts. Cultural cancer. I wish the Thais would drive these bastards into the sea .... drive them back to whatever southern American backwater they came from.

I hate seeing them here. Hate to see them trying to undermine Thai Buddhism. Hate to see them spreading their lies, their homophobia, their anger, their fear of sex..... their puritanical terror.... Hate to see them setting up charities and "helping" people, because it is only bait on a hook-- a con game for harvesting more members in their cult.

This is really the last place I expected to find these pests. Despite the shock, I am at least consoled by the utter idiocy of the evangelists: screaming like drunks... they know nothing of Thai culture..... one of its greatest taboos is the public display of anger. Thais detest volatile, enraged displays in public. And so these fools are at least undermining their own cult-- which is a consolation I suppose. It was fun to watch the Thais skirt away from them like they were diseased lepers.... their only audience was a small collection of drunken and combative tourist-- trying to argue with them.

All in all, it was another fine moment in the history of missionary Christianity.

God bless them, every one."

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