Thursday, August 07, 2003

Storage Units: Cheap Housing
by Skald

On the Vagabond Too site there has been alot of discussion about living in storage units. The "rent" on such units is far cheaper than on an apartment... and there are no utility costs.

Here are some of the suggestions/ideas that were discussed:

*Stealth is very important. Most owners do not allow folks to live in the units or to run a business from them... although some are more lax than others. It's best to avoid the more upscale units... which have security cameras, night-time staff, guards, etc... Better to find a place with minimal staff and no cameras. Do look for a place that has power outlets in the units... and/or a light. Also, some complexes have on-site bathrooms. Climate-control is a nice advantage in climates with extreme temperatures.

Be very discrete about coming and going... do so when the staff is off-duty. NEVER admit to living in the unit, even if its obvious. Consider a non-gated complex.

Park your vehicle away from gates and office windows.

*Modify the inside... suggestions: Build a loft in order to maximize space. Consider building a "box withing a box".... ie. an insulated "box" within the storage unit. The insulation & extra walls will provide a better climate and will also cut down on noise and light coming from your space.

*Make sure that nobody can lock you in the unit or the complex and thus trap you.

*Take time when shopping for a storage unit.... look at lots of places and try to find the best combination of stealth and comfort.

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