Thursday, August 11, 2005

Back in Session

Ahhh... school is back in session and I'm glad to be back.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I love my work!

Teaching these kids is a dream... they're almost always happy and cheerful, they enjoy learning and they're polite and friendly as can be! No one brings guns to school!

Unlike the McMerican public schools where I've taught.. the students/parents don't have the 'somebody owes me something' attitude, their parents aren't dodging responsibility and blaming anyone and everyone (especially teachers for some reason)....instead of emabarking on a little introspection regarding the issues they face personally and with their kids... and by and large THE STUDENTS DO THEIR HOMEWORK!

Another interesting thing.. our kids are healthy! They eat reasonable meals (rice, meat and vegetables.... not ALL deep fried! How could that be?) and our lunch room sells damn good food! I never ate in a lunchroom at a public school where I worked back home! A quick read of 'Fast Food Nation' or viewing of 'Supersize Me!' will remind you why.

It might sound like Utopia... and, of course, it's not... but it's as close as I've found to Shang Ri La in a job and a work place yet!


So why is it that the 'richest' and most 'powerful nation' on Earth can't figure out how to educate it's public? Maybe it's in the way we define 'rich' and 'powerful'....

Hmmmm.... the land of the free.. and well fed and angry! GO MERICA!


Anonymous said...

SInce I am back here in the states I can completely agree with you. I have three teens and their attutudes towards school is not up to par. I worry for thier future, were they simplity don't. School starts for them in two weeks and the only thing on their mind is new school cloths.

AJ said...

Couldn't Pay Me Enough
Having taught Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Mexican students... there is no way I would teach in an American public school.

I know exactly what you mean. I love teaching in Bangkok. I love going to class. I learn a great deal from my students and am constantly trying to get feedback in order to improve.

By contrast, American public schools are a chaotic wasteland.. resembling part-time prisons more than places of learning. I certainly felt like an inmate when I was a HS student.

PS: Matt... glad to hear the new school year has started well. How is the smog/smoke in KL?