Saturday, July 02, 2005

More Working Abroad

I'll have to agree with Skald about working in a foreign country. I left the US about 4 years ago with a small savings, my degree and experience, a Malaysian fiance and most importantly a sense of adventure and confidence that everything would fall into place and come together somehow! It was the best thing I've ever done!

Within a month I had part time work and once I was 'in' the part-time job offers kept coming. That eventually led to full time work at a US salary with 1/4 the living expense!

Since then I've visited 5 different countries, lived and worked in 2 different countries, published travel articles, expanded my own comfort zone, bashed some stereotypes, ate different foods, drank a zillion beers and gotten used to being the only whitey around for miles at most functions.

The best advice I can offer is this: get certified to teach something.. either English, a suibject (math, science, history) or coach a sport! It's the simplest was to get a job in a foregin country. One of my first jobs was teaching 'learn to swim' and I have a friend here who makes a living strictly teaching swimming lessons!

The bottom line is to open up, get creative at inventing a means of supporting yourself (i.e. swimming lessons or some other method) and get out and explore!

By the way, I don't really consider teaching work.. like Skald I abhor work and mindless jobs. The reality is that we do have to eat and have shelter... but I NEVER dread going into school. The way I see it is that I get paid to hang out with kids and chat about science!


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