Sunday, June 19, 2005

Off to Singapore

When you live in McMerica you feel lucky to get your 2 weeks off and go to the 'Red Neck Riviera' aka Panama City, Florida. You'll look for a familiar deep fried restaurant and think to yourself 'this is living' as you drink your coke and eat your cheese fries.

As a McMerican maybe you'll visit the next county over or perhaps another state. But you're still in 'Merica full of 'Mericans. Rarely do you visit another culture or another country. Rarely are your assumptions challenged and your stereotypes kicked in the gut.

Tomorrow I'll hop on a bus a ride the 5 hours to Singapore. I could just as easily skip up to Thailand or head over to Cambodia, down to Indonesia or over to Vietnam. Which I will do later this June/July.

Different cultures. Different folks. Different religions. Different outlooks and world views. NO Walmarts!

Ah... the beauty of living abroad.


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