Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New Experiences

Things I have done since living abroad (and could not- or would not- have otherwise done back home)

In no particular order:

1) Been a groom in a Hindu wedding
2) Witnessed an Islamic Malay wedding
3) Swam with green sea turtles
4) Seen Orang Utan's in the wild
5) Witnessed some of the last Proboscis Monkey's in the wild
6) Published travel articles (and gotten paid for it!)
7) Eaten fish-head curry
8) Tried at least 10 new kinds of beer!
9) Learned how to play Rugby
10) Watched a game of cricket- and mostly understood it
11) Learned how to speak a new language- sort of (enough to get by!)
12) Traveled to Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines all for free! (paid for by my school)
13) Lived in Indonesia for 6 months and gotten paid to do it!
14) Visited Bali
15) Caught 3 species of fish that I've never heard of
16) Seen 5 species of Hornbill in the wild!
17) Played in an International Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
18) Snorkelled in coral reefs
19) Learned my passport number by heart!
20) Presented a workshop at an International Teachers Conference
21) Learned the difference in North and South Indian food
22) Overcome some of my own bias and stereotypes about foreigners
23) Stepped outside of the fear generated media of the US
24) Learned to drive a scooter around a major city
25) Made this list!

That's enough for now.. it's 3:30.. enough work.. time to go home and play!


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