Monday, May 09, 2005

Cultural Sensitivity

Ahhh... they say that the Indians are the Irish of the East... meaning that they appreciate their drink.. especially Chivas and Johnny Walker Whiskeys. As a family member I am obliged to partake. Somehow I don't mind.

By 4p.m. today I was on my 2nd Chivas (refer to previous posts about working too long and too much.. I have a built in aversion to working past 4 p.m.) with coke and ice. By 7 p.m. eating a divine Indian classic meal.. Rather, a Sri Lankan meal. Don't you dare confuse Sri Lanka with India. They aren't anywhere near the same I am told!

Normally what I ate would be served on a banana leaf with the rice in a big heap in the center and the curries spread about like kids sitting around a campfire. Top it all with yogurt and garnish with chilies soaked in buttermilk then fried and a bit of pickled mango. Call it PURE gastronomic heaven. A perfect compliment to an early afternoon Chivas buzz.

Tonight the curries were: stewed tofu, potatoes mashed with onions, chilies, cilantro and yogurt, vegetarian fish curry, and dahl (a thick lentil stew). None of it had much more than a speck of oil. All of it was SPICY!

These are the things you are forced to endure when you leave the bland McD's scene of suburban 'Merica. Living abroad isn't for everyone. Especially those who love to work long hours, eat bland food and drive their SUV's from the box of home to the box of a strip mall in Bush and Co. induced stupor.


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