Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another Perk

There are SO many reasons for leaving McMerica and living abroad. Food is one of them. I've railed against the bland 'Merican food before and probably will again.

Back home quantity wins out over quality in many restaraunts. When I visit the US I am always astounded at the size of the portions. You'll hear many foreigners that visit the States comment on the same thing.

Today was teacher appreciation day at school. The mom's got together and cooked up a feast. We had hummus, sushi, rissoto, lasagna, Thai beef, glass noodles, curry puffs, salads, curries, and the list goes on and on! All cooked by natives of the countries they represented.

Once I went in to a Chinese restaraunt back home... surprise, surprise they were trying to pass off Mexican cooks as Chinese! And the best part.. many 'Merican's didn't know the difference! (IT REALLY HAPPENED!)

The desserts were even better! I needed a big nap afterwards!

The mom's out did themselves.

When you teach in Asia you are truly respected. The kids are nice and polite and the parents give a lot more respect to teachers. In Asia teachers are highly regarded.

I truly felt appreciated.

Yet again my decision to sell everything I owned, jump on a plane and leave the States has been confirmed.

What are you waiting for? If not now, then when?


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