Thursday, April 07, 2005

Epicurean Adventures in Malaysia

I know Skald will appreciate this.

We used to live less than a 500m walk from the food stalls. Our guts grew as we grew lazy from convenience. It's easy to do when a quick and tasty meal can be had for less than US$3 and a short walk!

Nowadays, we live a little bit far from what is convenient to run out and buy food everytime a little hunger pang hits. This week has been spring break so we've had the time to venture out for some of our favorites.

Today found us at Saravanabhavan- a vegetarian Indian restaurant on the other side of town.

I ordered the Dosa Masala (Indian flat bread stuffed with potatoes and onions) served with dahl (lentil soup for dipping) along with coconut chutney and tomato chutney. I also went for a side dish of mushrooms stir fried with chillies and a mango lassi (yogurt) to drink.

Ah man.. what can I say? Pure heaven! Pure delight!

My wife went for her traditional rice meal served with so many curries I can't begin to describe them all!

The flavors and spices mixing intricately on the palate... I was too excited to savor it, I gulped it down as if it were gonna get up and run away!

We ohhed and ahhhed our way through the treat. Since we don't run across the street anymore this kind of food is rare for us now even though it's all over Malaysia and especially KL. Our guts have shrunk in response.

As if that weren't enough I went for a gulab jamun (a deep fried ball of flour soaked in sugar syrup). What can I say?

All that for about US$4 each.. and that's actually a bit expensive since we went to a 'fancy' place with air con and all.

All we could do after that was go home and take a fat nap.

Now I'm here at this coffee shop 3 p.m. trying to wake up. A cuppa joe next to me, some writing to do on a wirelss connection.

Ain't life grand?

Folks, if you ain't overseas yet.. what are you waiting for?


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AJ said...

Great Indian Food

Ahh... such great memories. I've been to India three times, but the best Indian food I've ever had was at Saravanabhavan in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, it was FAR better than the food I ate in India.

(Of course, since I was always sick in India... my usual "meal" was white rice, boiled eggs, and yogurt).

Anyway, Im salivating just thinking about it. Japan has good food... but nothing approaches the culinary treats offered up in SE Asia!!