Friday, April 01, 2005

Appreciating Life

We live in a pretty unusual area of KL... some semi-primary rainforest behind us... one of the last vestiges of the vast forest that once blanketed peninsular Malaysia...

Yesterday we were stopped in our tracks by a troupe of Dusky Langurs (leaf monkeys) feeding literally next to our breezeway... I got my binocs and spotted a bright orange infant, a trait these monkeys are know for.. orange babies! Ahh sweet! We oohhed and ahhhed for several quiet minutes!

This morning the Pig-Tailed Macaques were out and we passed them on our morning walk around 'da hood! We also spotted a Flameback Woodpecker seeking out grubs in the near rotten stumps...

After our walk I trotted down to our Bali-esque swimming pool and took a dip in the oasis hidden in the forest... I've never seen anyone there and it feels more like a 'secret' swimming hole (with a creek full of blaze red draonglifes, tadpoles and minnows directly adjacent) gurgling amongst palms and dipterocarps... a gorgeous white throated kingfisher bolted by as I bobbed my head up to grab some air.

When I returned I heard a gorgeous bird song.. which I promptly misidentified as White Rumped Shama, one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.... but when the Raquet Tailed Drongo scooted by it was unmistakeable.. the characteristic raquets that trail behind as it flies were a dead giveaway..

And I can 't help but think how lucky I am to see these things, appreciate them and actually know what they are...

I wonder how different these KL-ites (and other urbanites around the world for that matter!) might approach life if that was their daily experience?


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