Friday, April 01, 2005

Again, what is it I'm supposed to miss?

The other day my scooter broke down on the other side of town. It was about to rain so I had to grab a taxi and get home before the bottom fell out.

Within 30 minutes I was inside my apartment warm and dry after a tropical downpour! The taxi ride was hassle free and to get from one side of KL to the other cost me a mere US$3... what a bargain!

Yesterday I returned back to my scooter and headed to the local mechanic. Two Malay guys promptly followed us over on their scooter and the problem was diagnosed immediately. The chain wasn't engaging and the gears weren't working.

In a characteristic SE Asian style (anyone that has ever visited will certainly recognize this!), one guy stuck his leg out and pushed my inoperable scooter back to the shop while the other guy rode on my scooter and steered...

It's hard to explain and visualize, but it's pretty funny to see how they ride scooters over here! Sometimes you see a guy with a lawnmower on the back of his scooter, sometimes they carry huge boxes of goods and the record number of people I've ever seen is three adults and two infants on a scooter built for two!

I just received the call. It costs a whopping US$20 to fix the gears and get it back running.

Maybe while I'm at it I'll go and have some garlic naan and tandoori chicken for a mere US$4 when I pick it up.

Again, what is it I'm missing 'bout 'Merica?


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