Thursday, March 10, 2005

What is it I'm supposed to be missing?

After a good hard run there's nothing better than an ice cold beer, some black pepper venison, garlic kailan, fried rice and a plate full of butter prawns.

Tuesday we played Ultimate Frisbee from 5:30-7:00. A nice dip in the pool afterwards and then we were off to our favorite roadside Chinese food stall for the aforementioned delights. (literally it IS roadside... the highway is directly adjacent to the open air stall, which obviously compliments the rough and tumble ambience!)

I kick started my scooter which costs a whopping US$1 a week to load up with gas. A cool breeze blew through the streets near downtown Kuala Lumpur while a bowl of peanuts and a tall Carlsberg awaited my arrival. Soon I would be in my food heaven.

Humans need ritual as much as air and water. If we don't have it built in or supplied by someone then we create it. Tuesday Frisbee is my ritual, my religion.

The meal and a few cold ones averages about US$5 every week.

Last night I went to a new food stall. Very local. Open air. Grungy. Full of Chinese, Malay and Indians. My friends and I were the only matt salleh around. I ordered a cheese naan complete with spinach dip and tandoori fish. Not too long and I ordered a garlic naan with dahl to top it off. That meal was about US$4.

Today, I did my teaching and did a little rappelling after school with our climbing club. Home by 4:30, glass noodle soup and red wine for dinner. Later I'll go for a therapeutic massage and pay a nice US$12.50 fee for an hour or maybe I'll splurge and go for the US$20/2 hour version.

Saturday I'll make up a batch of salsa, get some chips and invite over some folks for a house warming party. We have plenty of cheap Australian wine (US$5) a bottle. I'll put on some R.E.M. and play it loud. Might even trundle down to the pool.

Well, I seem to be pretty happy in Malaysia. I will definitley return to visit my family, friends, and the country of my birth but I hope I can live over here in SE Asia or some other distant locale the rest of my days!

So, remind me, what is it I'm supposed to miss about 'Merica?

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AJ said...

Amen! Other than a few friends and family members, I can't think of much that I miss. Even with my ambivalent job situation in Japan I still have a much nicer lifestyle than I ever could in the States.

Im not saying this life is for everyone.. but I do think everyone should get out of America for at least a few years and experience the world... might be a nice antidote to the arrogant patriotism and ignorance that currently rules the country!