Friday, March 11, 2005

Thinking of Skald....

Today is a cloudy day in Kuala Lumpur. Bits of blue poke out from behind rice white clouds while the temprature soars close to 95 Farenheit.

Tonight we'll have a house warming party. Even though we've been in KL for a few months now, it's the first time we've had a chance to invite folks over for a piss up.

So I pulled out my trusty 'Grit' cookbook and looked up some recipes.

The Grit is a vegetarian restaraunt in Athens, GA where Skald and I have had many a good hearty meals. So, naturally, I think of him when I whip up a batch of good ole Grit food.

Tonight we'll have vegan chilli with gardenburger 'meat', spinach and portabello mushroom quesadillas, and loaded nachos. The best and EASIEST thing to make was the fresh salsa. I've never made it before, always having relied on the store bought stuff. Never again! It was so easy to make and mighty tasty!

A few ice cold Kingfisher beers and some shiraz and merlot and you have a complete evening.

So, Skald.. I wish you could be here... to share in this evening. I know you'd enjoy it!

Here's to living abroad, escaping the tyranny of boredom and slave labor drudgery and being bold enough to step out of bounds when the bounds need to be redefined!

Eat UP! Drink UP! Follow your Bliss!



Andrew said...

Excellent post! Thanks for writing it. I have enjoyed your editions to this blog immensely.


AJ said...


Ahh... the succulent Grit! Indeed I would enjoy it!

On a broader note, the mystery, magic and ease of the hobopoet life is indeed the way to go... nothing quite like it....

Keep thinking of me on those perfect days... and hopefully we'll share a few when you visit Japan as well.