Friday, November 05, 2004

The US election

by Callan Bentley

For the record, though most Americans voted for Bush, a lot of us voted against him. In Washington, DC, where I live, my neighbors and I lined up for hours at polling places to cast our ballots against W's Administration. There was a gleeful, hopeful spirit early that day, a feeling like we were all doing something to make the world a better place. I was happy to wait for an hour and a half for my turn -- I would have waited all day if I had to. It felt great to vote for John Kerry; I've waited four long years to kick Bush out of office. I left feeling like the world was about to become a better place as the masses rose up and denounced Bush.

I was wrong. Most Americans approved him. Less than half of us voted for Kerry. What a shame.

The next day on the Metro (DC area subway system), all the commuters looked extremely glum. I haven't seen people looking this depressed since September 11th. Everyone looked exhausted, haggard, and totally sapped. Some of them were even talking to themselves: "Four more years of this..." It was very sad. A city that voted 91% against its most arrogant resident was sentenced to another four years of him.

A fascinating graphic showing the distributution of votes across the country is here. Notice how the blue towers of Democratic votes are stacked up like the skyscrapers in the cities they come from -- and the rest of the country is painted in a thin Republican red veneer.

As Ted Rall put it in his blog, "the people now have the government they deserve. The trouble is, so do we."

Yuck. What a world. I'm going to go stare dejectedly into space. Hang in there, folks.

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AJ said...


Maybe Bush didn't "win" after all.... I've posted a couple of articles that suggest that. Anyway, I do feel for you, living in the United States. Must say I am happy to be overseas at this time... no plans to return anytime soon!