Saturday, February 21, 2004

A Warm Cold
by Callan Bentley

Today things warmed up in Washington, DC. It's been a cold winter. Today it was warm and springy: in spite of my headcold, I was thrilled to see it warm up. There were plenty of people out on the bicycle path -- running, cycling, walking. I walked, sniffling through the last of my winter cold. My friend Lisa went running. There was wind -- the tempest of changing climate. It was refreshing. Saw a red-tailed hawk mobbed by crows. Saw mallards by the dozen in Rock Creek, and a lone pair of wood ducks. I walked as long as the sunlight lasted, relishing its bright light, its promise of vernal temperatures. I blew my nose. I changed direction and saw Lisa, gave her a kiss as she passed me. There was a red balloon deflated and caught in tree branches. Two squirrels gathered acorns on the grass. I sneezed, passed into shadow, turned around and went back in the direction I came from.

Good health to all! Happy spring!

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